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Events Day Two

This is your personal invitation to the MK Future Cities workshop - held at Transport Systems Catapult

University Campus Milton Keynes, Transport Systems Catapult, Milton Keynes Council, BT and The Open University will be holding a series of exciting mini-seminars and workshops/demonstrations on smart city technologies on Friday 6th March 2015. The event, held at the Transport Systems Catapult, will provide businesses and citizens with an opportunity to learn about the several initiatives taking place in the context of the future city agenda, including some of those underway in the MK:Smart project.

The focus is on delivering the maximum benefit for those coming along and therefore we have decided to intersperse a series of mini-seminars, each lasting 15 minutes, with a marketplace of practical demonstrations of real-life applications of smart technology in Milton Keynes.

Interested in smart technology, want to know more about the opportunities it could offer? Is so, please register at: Workshop registration



9.30 Welcome: Steve Yianni – CEO, Transport Systems Catapult
9.35 Welcome: Dr Paul Sant – Associate Dean, University Campus Milton Keynes
9.45 What is MK:Smart and how does it affect me – Enrico Motta, Professor of knowledge technologies, KMi, MK:Smart, The Open University
A brief overview of MK:Smart including the range of benefits it can have for businesses and citizens of Milton Keynes
10.00 What is ‘Big Data’ and how can it help me – BT
A discussion of what big data is, and how it can be used to improve lifestyle, and provide benefits and opportunities for business
10.15 What practical things are being built that will make MK a ‘smart’ city? - Dr Paul Sant, Associate Dean, University Campus Milton Keynes
A discussion of some examples of technology that are being trialled in Milton Keynes, with a focus on the benefits that these technologies could bring
10.30 Future autonomous transport – Transport Systems Catapult
An overview of the autonomous vehicles trials happening in Milton Keynes
10.45 Refreshments
11.00 So, how do I get involved? – Professor Gerd Kortuem, The Open University
A short session discussing how citizens and businesses can become involved
11.15 An exhibition of practical demonstrations that will allow visitors to see, and explore, first hand, some of the opportunities and applications that could impact their personal or business life, including:
  • Milton Keynes Car parking sensor 
  • Smart bin and smart lighting projects
  • Smart movement (Raspberry Pi-based)
  • Smart temperature sensing (Arduino)
  • Western Power Smart Grid (Falcon project)
  • Sentiment analysis (Transport Systems Catapult)
  • Smart Phone as a sensor (Dartt)
  • Driverless Pod (Transport Systems Catapult)
  • 3D positional modelling indoors (BriteYellow)
  • Electric vehicles (Milton Keynes Council)
  • ‘Busyness’ (Mathieu d’Aquin, The Open University)
13.30 Close