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Liz Brandt

Liz has over 20 years experience in consulting and has spent the last 14 building and running innovative businesses that focus primarily on the digital interaction between business and consumers.
Currently, she is the CEO for Ctrl-Shift which is a market analyst and consulting business that helps organisations understand the implications and embrace the opportunities arising from the changing personal data landscape. They work with international brands helping them to understand market trends, identify and size market opportunities, lead innovation and change programmes.
Throughout her career Liz has worked both in and for large corporates and has developed deep skills and strong networks across private, public and the 3rd sectors. Since the beginning of her career Liz has worked at the disruptive edge, where business and technology meet. She brings deep and strong experience in the impact on business models and operating environments of the shifting landscape of consumers, digital, trust and value. Liz combines vision married with evidence and market knowledge, business strategy and operational implementation and the ability to bring together strong teams to deliver extraordinary results.